Hair Academy PAST students

Becoming a cosmetologist is something that I never grew up thinking I would become. I've always really enjoyed doing hair and makeup, but never thought about it as a career. However, one fall, October of 2006, I was tossing around the idea of doing nails. Then, I figured that I might as well go to full on cosmetology school to make myself a bit more marketable and to have more options for places of employment. So, living in Bismarck, I toured The Hair Academy and immediately felt that this was my new direction in life!

I learned so much at The Hair Academy. Not only in the art of cosmetology and the book knowledge behind it, but also life lessons in social interaction, managing a business, and the importance of being a "day maker". Being a cosmetologist is such a rewarding job, and beginning your career with the schooling at The Hair Academy is something I truly believe to be such a privilege and honor. The instructors are the most knowledgable, understanding, upbeat, and encouraging women one could ever ask for. They kept me motivated. They kept me excited. They were always willing to answer any questions or concerns that I had and they always made me feel welcome, smart, talented, and confident. Even after graduating and working on my own for a few years, I've felt comfortable calling if I had any questions on anything and the instructors are more than happy to help me! I also made some wonderful friends that made school fun and so memorable. It is one of the most positive atmospheres I have ever been in. The curriculum more than prepares you for all that you need to know as a cosmetologist, and the approach to teaching and interacting with the students is extremely effective and efficient.

I consider myself so blessed to be a graduate of The Hair Academy. I left the school ready to conquer the world, and to make people feel beautiful and ready to conquer the world themselves! I became a more strong, more positive, and more successful woman and I'm only continuing grow and I attribute a lot of that to my phenomenal experience at The Hair Academy. I would encourage anyone looking to dive into the field of cosmetology to make one of the best decisions that they ever could for their life and career. Choose The Hair Academy. You will not be let down! - Kylee, past student


The Hair Academy Rocks! I came here from Wisconsin and couldn't have asked to find a better school. It's hair, it's color, nails, and facials; anything you would want to learn, it's here! The instructors have the heart and drive to keep this school upbeat, fun, and super enjoyable. I learn something new every day! I love The Hair Academy! - Breana, past student

I decided to join The Hair Academy as soon as I toured it. I walked in and the instructors were so nice and eager to teach us. I learned so much in my year at The Hair Academy. I learned cuts, colors, different ways to style hair, and a lot about products. The most important thing I learned was about myself. I loved the energetic and fun atmosphere the instructors made for us. Their positivity and motivation makes me love what I do. I loved attending The Hair Academy! - Sarah, past student


I have been attending The Hair Academy since September and have enjoyed every minute of it. I love the fact that we get to learn all of the color lines and different haircutting techniques. The atmosphere is open, exciting, and enthusiastic. I can really tell the clients enjoy visiting us. – Paige, past student

The Hair Academy taught me everything I needed to be successful in the salon. By far, the best education I could have received! I loved the positive and fun environment. I also loved the fact that educators from different companies would teach us advanced classes on a variety of things: haircutting, haircoloring, makeup, and nails, just to name a few! - Anne, past student