What you will learn:

1. Skin Analysis and Consultation

2. Determining Skin Type

3. Skin Care Products

4. Client Consultation

5. Facial Massage

6. Facial Equipment

7. Electrotherapy and Light Therapy

8. Facial Treatments

9. Aromatherapy

10. Procedures


Facial Makeup

What you will learn:

1. Cosmetic Facial Makeup

2. Makeup Color Theory

3. Basic Professional Makeup Application

4. Special-Occasion Makeup

5. Corrective Makeup

6. Artificial Eyelashes

7. Procedures



What you will learn:

1. Nail Technology Tools

2. Professional Cosmetic Products

3. The Basic Manicure

4. A Man's Manicure Service

5. Massage

6. Spa Manicures

7. Aromatherapy

8. Paraffin Wax Treatments

9. Nail Art

10. Procedures


facial chairs

Facial Room

The facial room is equipped with facial chairs, lights, steamer and high frequency machine.



Student practicing facial techniques on student.


Nail/Pedicure Room

Students receiving instruction on pedicure techniques.